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All you need about magazin. More information about magazin Magazin FN Automat 23.04.2020 - 08:22 4961, Mühlheim am Inn . verkauft 70 € Original Russisches AK74 Magazin 10 Schuss Bakelit nicht nachträglich gekürzt! Arsenalzustand 12.04.2020 - 18:04 9800, Spittal an der Drau Conceptgear. 82 € Steyr Mannlicher Trommelmagazine 09.04.2020 - 18:25 3400, Klosterneuburg . 15 € AK 47 Griff Schwarz/FDE 08.04.2020 - 17:42 at . 29.99 € StripLULA.

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Kategorien Magazine Pistolen / Pistol Magazines FN High Power HP35 9x19 Magazin - Alu Zubringer. Drucken. FN High Power HP35 9x19 Magazin - Alu Zubringer. Artikel-Nr.: Mag-1241 (1) Noch auf Lager - Innerhalb von 1 Werktag versandfertig 35,00 € Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl.. Ersatzteile für FN HP35 High Power aus WK2 Fertigung und aus Nachkriegsfertigung. die Teile , die nur in die Nachkriegsfertigung passen sind mit neu beschrieben ! Kategorien . Ersatzteile Kurzwaffen / Pistol Spare parts (1749) Ersatzteile Astra Cub / 2000 6,35 / .22 short (24) Ersatzteile Beretta 34 7,65 / 9mm kurz (20) Ersatzteile Beretta 70 7,65 (26) Ersatzteile Beretta 950B 6,35 / .22. Die FN Browning HP (High Power), im französischen Sprachraum auch bekannt als FN Browning GP (Grande Puissance), ist eine Pistole des belgischen Waffenherstellers Fabrique Nationale Herstal.Sie wurde vom Waffenkonstrukteur John Moses Browning entwickelt und gehört zu den am weitesten verbreiteten Pistolen überhaupt.. Er brachte als Innovation ein zweireihiges Magazin ein, das damals nur in.

Buy Browning Hi-Power Magazines Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more BROWNING HI-POWER 9MM MAGAZINES. MEC-GAR. Lieferzeit ca. 1-3 Werktage. 1 Stk. im lokalen Lager. Lieferzeit ca. 1-3 Werktage. 1 Stk. im lokalen Lager. 40,90 € * 40,90 € - 47,90 €* Magazine. 5 (12) Browning HP 9mm Nickel 15 Rnd. BROWNING HI-POWER 9MM MAGAZINES. MEC-GAR. Lieferzeit abhängig vom Hersteller (ca. 6-12 Wochen). Vorbestellung erforderlich. Kein Bestand verfügbar. Bereits beim.

Viele weitere Magazine da, bitte anfragen! Für Original-Magazine bitte ggfls. ebenfalls anfragen. Für Original-Magazine bitte ggfls. ebenfalls anfragen. Neufertigung: Neugefertigte Magazine sind teilweise mit Übermaß, da die Waffen von damals große Toleranzen hatten Holster Sickinger - Front Break. erhältlich für. Glock 17 L (Abbildung ähnlich) 133,00€ 59,00

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Browning Hi-Power pistols were used during World War II by both Allied and Axis forces. After occupying Belgium in 1940, German forces took over the FN plant. German troops subsequently used the Hi-Power, having assigned it the designation Pistole 640(b) (b for belgisch, Belgian). Examples produced by FN in Belgium under German occupation bear German inspection and acceptance marks, or. Browning, Hi Power Magazine, 13 Rounds, 9mm, Steel, Black Browning, Hi Power Magazine, 13 Rounds, 9mm, Steel... Our Low Price $84.42 Your Security is Our Priorit This is a Factory Orignal John Inglis 13-round RA stamped magazine for Browning Hi-Power pistols chamberd in 9mm Crafted from durable Suncorite enamel coated steel, steel springs and the very rare alloy cartridge follower. These surplus magazines were manufactured to British army specifications and are in excellent new condition (100% new in wrapper). These are belived to be the last.

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When it was introduced early in the 20th century, the Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol was a revelation. Designed by John M. Browning and perfected in the years following his death by Fabrique Nationale's prolific designer, Dieudonne SaiveIt, it offered the perfect balance of handling, size, and firepower, with an impressive 13-round magazine capacity Magazin f FN High Power: Artikel-ID: 8741887 • Kategorie: Grosskaliber Kurzwaffen > Gebrauchspistolen > Browning: Aktueller Preis: 19,00 EUR: Restzeit: 8 Tage, 17:50:36 (akt. Zeit: 31.05.2020 23:30:38) Ende: 09.06.2020 17:21:14 MEZ: Gebote: 1 ( Gebotsübersicht) Höchstbieter: madenli : Verkäufer Artikelstandort: 90402 Nürnberg (Deutschland) Frage an Hifred Diesen Artikel beobachten Alle 6. FN - FN High Power, Mod. 35. guns-and-more.com - Historica Shop - Ihr Waffen Fachgeschäft im Odenwal Fabrique Nationale (FN) ist ein belgischer Staatskonzern mit Sitz im wallonischen Herstal - das weiß jeder, der sich etwas für Feuerwaffenklassiker wie die FN-Selbstladepistole M 1935 High Power interessiert. Wie so viele andere europäische Waffenhersteller produziert FN auch in den USA (seit 1981). Das Ganze ist aber etwas verwickelt: Gefertigt wird bei FN Manufacturing in Columbia. After many years of resisting, I finally remove the magazine disconnect from my Browning Hi Power. My brother has had several Hi-Powers over the years and this is one of the first things he does

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Spare magazines are often an afterthought, until you find that most of your time at the range is spent loading the only magazine you have for your gun. Likewise, when hunting, there are missed opportunities when you reloading involved reloading the magazine instead of just popping in one that's already charged. Make sure you have two or three extra - you won't regret it. Magazines Magazines. FN High Power - 2 Magazine - Sehr guter Zustand . 03.05.2020 - 10:21. Inseratnummer : 181947: Preis: 340 € Hersteller: Fabrice Nationale Herstal/Belgien: Modell: FN35 High Power: Kaliber: 9 Para: Zustand: Leichte Gebrauchsspuren: Gültiger Beschuss: 1: Lauflänge: 4,25 Visierung: Kimme/Korn: wg_is_zwr_registered: 1: Beschreibung. Verkaufe ehem. Gendarmerie-Pistole FN35 High Power Kal 9. Produced in Canada by John Inglis and Company, this magazine will fit a Browning Hi-Power or FEG clone design pistol, as well as many other Hi-Power knock offs. It carries 13 rounds of 9mm ammo. With steel bodies and alloy followers, these magazines will give years of reliable service, and are a fantastic history piece as well. Don't wait to pick some up MEC-GAR BROWNING HI-POWER 9MM MAGAZINES Browning HP 9mm Blue 15 Rnd. Auto-Übersetzung der Beschreibung (Originalbeschreibung - Hersteller): Hergestellt aus zertifiziertem Kohlenstoffstahl.WIG geschweißt und ohne Nähte fertiggestellt, dann für eine lange Lebensdauer wärmebehandelt

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The High-Power rifles were available in popular calibers from .243 Winchester to .458 Winchester Magnum; however, the majority were for .30-06-length (3.340 inches) and .375 H&H-length (3.600 inches) cartridges. Short action cartridges (.243 and .308 Winchester) were produced in limited quantities on the '98 action. Browning chose instead to offer these cartridges, as well as the .222. Introduced in 1935 (hence P-35), the Master and FN's Dieudonne Saive rectified the faults of Browning's earlier 1911 design and added a staggered row (double stack) magazine, increasing magazine capacity to 13 rounds. The superiority of the Hi-Power to other pistols of the time was immediately recognized and the rest is history. Indeed, the P-35 remains in the Browning catalog after 76 years. Some info on this fn hi power? High-Power or Hi-Power? Correct nomenclature Learn the difference. What is this HP worth; FBI HRT Hi Power; HP magazine followers question; Lanyard bar on pre war.22LR conversion kits; Stuck slide lock on 1910; Looking for fair price on this BHP with nazi markings tangent sight and buttstock; Yet Another Please Help Me Identify This Hi-Power; New to BHP's. Here are a couple of views of the KRD 9mm 17-round Hi Power magazine. It fits FN/Browning Hi Powers as well as the clones that will accept standard Hi Power magazines. When introduced, they were popular simply because they could be owned by private citizens and did not cost the better part of a hundred-dollar bill as did Mec-Gar and magazines bearing the Browning nameeven though made by Mec. Browning High Power 9mm. Used Surplus Firearm. Sometimes marked as FN . Includes 1 Magazine . These surplus High Powers are coming from Israel. Although they have been collected in Israel for export, they will have most certainly circulated throughout the Middle East in some capacity; whether military, law enforcement or civilian use

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The Browning Hi Power and the Magazine Safety Fans of the Browning Hi Power frequently debate the merit of the magazine disconnect present in most Hi Powers except some made during Nazi occupation when they were not included in the pistols. We will probably never know from FN, but it is possible that some special order runs did not have the part. Generally speaking, all commercial Hi Powers. Contact Us. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.742 In details the FN Hi-Power had a 4.65-inch barrel, weighed 35 ounces, was 7.75 inches in overall length and had a magazine capacity of 13 rounds. Grips were checkered wood but the sights were the most unusual feature. Front sight was ordinary: a simple blade. The rear sight was both odd and unrealistic. It was a tangent-type with graduations to 500 meters! Remember we're talking about a 115. Brownells is your source for Browning High Power Parts at Brownells. Shop our vast selection and save

Two magazines were also marked with matching numbers assigned to the pistol. Here are the The only true way that I know of to determine if an FN High Power pistol was used by the German Police is if the serial numbered holster comes with it and the two magazines have matching numbers. To me, the E series is a known unknown at this time. We can speculate all we want but until we have access. Our Company maintains a wide variety of surplus pistols such as FN Browning Hi Powers, CZ-75's, Jericho 941 Baby Eagles, Bul Storms, and Kareens. The New Shippment of Browning Hi Powers Will Start Being Listed By Aug 22nd 1 2 Next >> Displaying 1 to 10 (of 14 products) Product Image Item Name-Price; FN Browning Hi Power 9mm Surplus MK-II # 245PP01052. NOT SOLD TO CA, MA, NY, (MD May Purchase. The Browning Hi-Power: Gun History. It's an iconic 9mm combat pistol designed by America's most famous gunmaker. It's considered one of the best combat pistols ever designed. But it never caught on like the 1911. What's the story behind the HP? By Robert A. Sadowski. July 6, 2017. More Gun Reviews. Latest. Hunt. Savage's New Stevens 301 Shotguns Offer Several .410 Turkey Hunting.

Magazinkapazität pro Magazin : 14 Patronen . Visierung : verstellbare Visierung . Finish : Matt Brüniert . Inkl. Zubehör : Koffer, Reservemagazin, verstell Werkzeug für die Visierung, Putzstab, Justierschlüssel . Hier zum Schnäppchen, Sofortkaufpreis nur 698,00 € empf. Verkaufspreis bei Frankonia 798,00 Euro . Die Pistole FN High-Power ist sehr Handlich und Kompakt dadurch sehr gut. In das herausnehmbare Magazin können bis zu 20 6mm BB Rundkugeln geladen werden. Weiterhin dient das Magazin als Gastank für das Softairgas. Zum Betrieb werden noch 6mm BB Rundkugeln und Softairgas benötigt (siehe Zubehör). Lieferumfang: Wei-ETech M1935 Hi-Power Vollmetall GBB 6mm BB schwarz; Magazin für 20 Schuss schwarz (Softairgas-Version Beschreibung: FN Browning Hi-Power 9x19 Luger Hersteller/Modell: Fabrique Nationale Herstal Kaliber: 9x19 Luger zustand: Gebraucht - Guter Zustand Preis: € 499,00 EUR Gerne stehen wir für eine Beratung vor Ort für Sie zur Verfügung! Kettner GmbH Filiale Salzburg / Eugendorf Möbelstraße 12 5301 Eugendorf Tel.: +43 (0)2626 20026-462 Art.Nr.: SAL-KW-837 . Bewertungen (0) Schreiben Sie die. A New Twist On The High Power by R,K, Campbell. photography by R.K. Campbell. May 11, 2006 Perhaps the most successful military handgun of all time is the Browning High Power, also known as the P 35, HP 35, or Grande Pruissance. Battlefield success is one thing, and the Browning has saved the lives of many allied troops Buy Browning Factory Hi-Power 40 S&W Magazines Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more

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  1. Hogue Gummigriff für Browning Hi-Power - mit Fingerrillen. Produktbeschreibung. Die ergonomische Form und das rutschfeste Gummi fördern die Kontrolle über die Waffe und verbessern die Präzision. Kundenrezensionen . 4,9 von 5. 5 Sterne: 26: 4 Sterne: 4: 3 Sterne: 0: 2 Sterne: 0: 1 Stern: 0: Dieses Produkt bewerten. Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Kundenrezension verfassen. Die.
  2. The original pistol, as introduced in 1935, and all subsequent variants marked and sold by FN, were labeled High Power. 2. The black paint found on some High Power pistols originated from a French.
  3. Die classische,unerreichte,perfekt in der Hand liegende,wie eine schweizer Uhr zuverlässige und tödlich schöne FN Browning Hi-Power ist auch einem Prinzen würdig. HarryShadesPA_600x824.jp
  4. factory 9mm 10 round replacement magazine for browning hi-power guns. Has factory assist spring and pachmayr base. This magazine is original equipment; which means it's manufactured in the same factory using the same manufacturing process as the magazines that shipped with the gun originally ensuring perfect fit and operation.Free shipping on orders over $7
  5. From their early Model 1910 pistols to Browning's GP35 High Power (soon to be known as the iconic Hi-Power) and the legendary Ma Deuce M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, FN was making a name for themselves. By the 1970's, the FN FAL was already one of the most widely-used service rifles in the world. On the modern battlefield, their weapons can be found in service all across the.
  6. By 1931, the Hi-Power design incorporated a shortened 13-round magazine, a curved rear grip strap, and a barrel bushing that was integral to the slide assembly. By 1934, the Hi-Power design was complete and ready to be produced. It was first adopted by Belgium for military service in 1935 as the Browning P-35. Ultimately, France decided not to adopt the pistol, instead selecting the.
  7. Browning Hi-Power Magazine Review. Browning Hi-Power Magazine. Most complaints about the Hi-Power are about its mag system - I've heard tons of criticisms about the magazine disconnect: The HP won't fire unless the mag is firmly inserted. Now this was designed to act as an added safety feature, but some argue that it has the opposite effect. Whatever your opinion is on the HP's mag.

FN High Power Letter Codes. I thought, from Stevens book, that the E series indicated it was a British contract pistol 1951-1953 This was a distinctive 5 digit serial number beginning with The Browning High Power Pistol was the last of John Browning's pistol designs he worked on from 1914 till his death in 1926. In essence this model is considered a further development from the M1911 he produced while working for Colt. From 1935 till the occupation of the Fabrique Nationale Plant, the Browning Hi-Power was offered worldwide for military and commercial sales. This model was. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Browning Hi Power Magazine 9mm 10 Round 112050193 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products When the Germans occupied Belgium in 1940 and took over FN, the Hi-Power was renamed Pistole 640(b) (for Belgisch/Belgium). It was issued to both sides during World War II, with Allied guns made.

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Browning Hi Power Magazine 9mm Luger 10 Rounds. Looking for a replacement 10 round magazine for your Browning Hi-Power?Constructed from heat-treated blued-steel, with a follower, lock-plate, and base-plate molded from a proprietary DuPont Zytel based black polymer, this magazine will fit the bill The Browning Hi Power offers perfect balance, size and firepower, with an impressive 13 round magazine capacity. We took one of the most revered pistols of all time and made it better - we have improved accuracy, reliability, durability, and esthetics BROWNING HI-POWER 9MM MAGAZINES; Open Expanded View. Open Expanded View+ Click Image to Zoom Description; Specs; Made from certified, carbon steel; TIG welded and finished without seams, then heat treated for durability. These are the same magazines that are supplied by many European handgun makers as original equipment. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:226. SPECS: Steel, blue (BL) finish. The magazine is in about Very Good condition. The magazine will not be provided to a California resident or to a resident of any state with magazine capacity restrictions. Our Assessment: This is a 1942 manufactured FN High Power Type II made under German occupation with Waffenamt 104 codes and tangent sights. The serial numbers on the slide. For my first 20 years of owning handguns, I thought of the Browning Hi-Power as a useful tool. When working on close-protection teams or training counterinsurgency troops, it was the weapon I carried because it was reliable, had a high magazine capacity when most other semi-autos didn't, was chambered for the readily available 9mm round and was generally available in places I was working if.

I have seen a few pre-war Browning Hi Power pistols offered for sale recently with a P9 marking under a triangle on the front right side of the trigger guard. Each of them has had the correct pre-war Belgian military proofs (C in an octagon or square). One of the pistols offered for sale states that the P9 marking is for the Finnish contract, while I have been told that the C proof. The Browning Hi-Power BDA (The FN HP-DA however uses a different 10- or 15-round magazine which is interchangeable with the Browning BDM but will not fit in a Browning BDA-9 though the guns look identical and they are both made by FN Herstal.) The magazine release button, located aft of the trigger, can be configured for either right- or left-hand users simply by swapping out the push. Hi-Power MK II & MK III trigger pull overtravel & take-up reduction modification - requires changes to slide, sear and trigger levers and trigger. 230.00: B008: Remove ambidextrous safety lever & shorten shaft: 20.00: B011: Fabricate extended thumb safety: 65.00: B015: Bevel magazine well: 75.00: B018: Smooth-Out package (de-horn) 70.00: B026. Top: The Nighthawk Custom Browning Hi Power, a truly high-end pistol, with other high end items: Rolex watch, Cuban cigar, Krudo Knives DAO Executive folder and Dragon Leatherworks Executive holster

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The Browning-designed Hi-Power, or High Power, was adopted as a military sidearm by Belgium in 1935. Originally built by Farbrique Nationale (FN) and eventually called the Grande Puissance (High Power), it was also manufactured in the U.S. by Browning Arms Company Classic Gun Review: Belgian Browning Hi-Power Mk I. The Belgian made FN Browning Hi-Power pistol ranks as one of my favorite side arms of all time. I appreciate the gun for its history, as well as its practical use. I've bought, shot the heck out of, and then sold many of mine to friends who just couldn't live without one after shooting them The Browning Hi-Power is a single-action, 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.It is based on a design by American firearms inventor John Browning, and completed by Dieudonné Saive at Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal, Belgium.Browning died in 1926, several years before the design was finalized. The Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols of all time, having been used by the armed.

Browning Hi Power Parts (ALL) Compare (0) You have no items to compare. links. My Account CZ Rifle Magazines; Safari Magnum Rifles; Safari Classic Rifles; Sniper & HET Rifles; CZ 457 Rifles; Dan Wesson Factory Guns; CZ Shotguns Factory. Competiton & Limited Edition; Pump Action; Semi Auto; Side By Side; Under And Over ; CZ Pistols FACTORY; CZ Scorpion EVO 3; Samples & Blems; Special Offers. With a stunning 24-round mag capacity, three included magazine options (12-, 15- and 24-round) and our signature cold hammer-forged, stainless steel threaded barrel the FN 509 Compact Tactical lets you call the shots. Explore everything the 509 Compact Tactical has to offer below. Learn More. One High-Powered Family Tradition. Introducing the FN SCAR ® 20S 6.5 Creedmoor, FN SCAR ® 20S 7.62. FN's Ultra Modern 9mm Pistol by R,K, Campbell. photography by R.K. Campbell. August 21st, 2006 Most of us are familiar with the Browning High Power. The High Power or P 35 is among the most successful military pistols of all time, and immensely popular with civilian shooters world wide as well. Over the years there have been various attempts at converting the single action High Power to a. FN Browning Pistols, Side-Arms that Shaped World History is the quintessential reference book on FN Browning pistols and reflects the continued work of Anthony Vanderlinden on the topic. This new edition includes information found in the original issue titled Belgian Browning Pistols while building on the first (2009) edition of FN Browning Pistols. Specific elements aid collectors in.

FN High Power - Sehr guter Zustand . 03.05.2020 - 10:21. Inseratnummer: 181947: Preis: 360 € Hersteller: Fabrik Nationale Herstal/Belgien: Modell: FN35 High Power: Kaliber: 9 Para: Zustand: Leichte Gebrauchsspuren: Gültiger Beschuss: 1: Lauflänge: 4 1/4 Visierung: Kimme/Korn: Zubehör: Reservemagazin: wg_is_zwr_registered: 1: Beschreibung. Verkaufe Pistole FN35 High Power Kal 9 Para mit. DEKO-WAFFE. (Nicht schußfähig!!!) Nachbildung der bekannten belgischen Selbstladepistole von FN-BROWNING in Herstal. Eine der ersten Pistolen mit einem 13-Schuß-Magazin. Der Schloßgang der Waffe läßt sich simulieren, das Magazin entnehmen. LÄNGE: 21c Magazine capacity: 13 rounds (notable) Production data: Company: Fabrique Nationale D´Armes de Guerre: Location: Herstal: Period: 1940 - 1944: Amount: 363,200: Serial numbers: 45000 - 210000; 01a - 100000a; 01b - 63000b: The FN M1935 High Power is split in 2 major variations, according date of manufacture. Then subdivided according sight and existence of shoulder stock strap. It's also very.

The Hi Power used many features in Browning's other famous pistol, the 1911A1 but showed considerable refinement, including such features as a twin-row, double-stack magazine that accommodated. Question about Hi-power mags dropping free. Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by hutch77, May 1, 2006. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > hutch77 Member. Joined: Jul 21, 2005 Messages: 24 Location: Raleigh, NC. I recently acquired a MkIII Browning Hi-power and I absolutely love it. The problem is the mags won't drop free. The mag disconnect has.

Development Edit. The Hi-Power was designed in response to a French military requirement for a new service pistol, the Grand Rendement (French for High Yield), or alternatively Grande Puissance (literally high power). The French military's requirements were that the arm should be compact, have a capacity of at least 10 rounds, a magazine disconnect device, an external hammer, a positive. Hi Power For Sale at GunAuction.com. HOME; GUNS FOR SALE. Browse Categories ; Used Guns For Sale Browning High Power 30 Rd, 9mm Magazine - 9mm Luger $30.00: 0 $30.00 $35.00 5d 7h 25m 17075154 . No Reserve. Federal Premium Ammunition FULL FEDERAL HI-POWER DUCK BOX NO 6 SHOT MAXIMUM LOAD - 12 GA $45.00: 0 $45.00 5d 11h 5m 12544128. No Reserve. Colt UNCLE MIKE'S L.H. HIP HOLSTER GOV, HI-POWER. Our Company maintains a wide variety of surplus pistols such as FN Browning Hi Powers, CZ-75's, Jericho 941 Baby Eagles, Bul Storms, and Kareens. The New Shippment of Browning Hi Powers Will Start Being Listed By Aug 22nd . Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Product Image Item Name-Price; FN Browning Hi Power 9mm Surplus MK-II # 245PP01052. NOT SOLD TO CA, MA, NY, (MD May Purchase without the.

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Magazin MEC-GAR für FN Browning High Power und Derivate, 9mm Luger, 13-schüssig: Diese 13-schüssige Variante ist der 15-schüssigen hinsichtlich Zuverlässigkeit überlegen. MEC-GAR Produkcode: MGBRHP13B glossy brüniert (schwarzfarben) Flacher stählerner Magazinboden Versand 7,90 EUR . Kontakt. Plz, Ort: 4600 Wels: Land : Österreich: Versand: Kontakt aufnehmen. Privatinserat. Blaser. A quick history courtesy of www.world.guns.ru Initially, the High Power pistol was designed by John M. Browning in 1925 and was patented in the USA in 1927, soon after the death of Browning. The design was acquired by Belgian state-owned company FN Herstal, and improved by FN designer Dieudonne Saive. The resulting pistol was shelved until 1935, when Belgian army was ready to adopt new. Full inspection of the Browning High Power pistol to include check of all safeties, springs, condition of firing pin, extractor and magazine release. Check condition of barrel, breech face and grip stocks. This includes test fire of the pistol for function and reliability. Shuey Custom to advise customer if any parts require replacement. Customer is to furnish magazine and ammunition for testing Browning High Power & Clones, 20 Rd 9mm Magazine - 9mm Luger BuyItNow! $35.00: 0 $35.00 $40.00: 5h 47m: 13820478. No Reserve. Browning Hi-Power Magazine 9mm 13rd NEW PRO MAG - 9mm Luger BuyItNow! $22.95: 0 $22.95 $24.95: 7h 2m: 13820482. No Reserve. Browning 3 Hi-Power Magazines 9mm 13rd NEW PRO MAG - 9mm Luger BuyItNow! $59.95: 0 $59.95 $62.95: 7h 3m: 13820483. No Reserve. Browning 3 Hi-Power.

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